Chicago Police Eject Resident Who Spoke Against ComEd Deal from City Council Meeting

Sean Estelle told WTTW News they believed they were “politically targeted”... Read More

Arts & Entertainment

How Did Black History Month Begin? A Look at its Origins and the Contributions of Black Chicagoans

Members of the Black Heroes Matter Coalition this week crowned a bust of... Read More

Mrs. Hall (Anna Madeley)

Coming up

All Creatures Great and Small On Masterpiece: Edward

Mrs. Hall conquers demons from her past. While she is away, Tristan discovers the challenge of housekeeping. Meanwhile, Helen is at loose ends.


What to Watch on WTTW for Black History Month

Join us for engaging programs that tell the stories of Black history, arts, culture, and more.

Jessye Norman


FIRSTHAND: Life After Prison Trailer

WTTW offers an intimate look at the challenges and opportunities facing people returning to society after spending time in prison.

Marcelo kissing a baby.

For parents

How to Raise a Good Problem-Solver

Four-year-old Ruby is working on how to keep her block tower from falling down.

Father and Daughter
A still from "Alice Street," screening Saturday at the Architecture & Design Film Festival. (Chicago Architecture Center)

Arts & Entertainment

5 Things To Do This Weekend: Beer Festival, Small Print Show

A beer festival, jazz performance and small print show usher in the weekend. Here are five things to do in and around Chicago.

Lee Bey in front of Chicago Vocational High School


Tour the Often Overlooked Architecture of Chicago's South Side in a New Documentary

"This is a city that does pay attention to its architecture, but often the architecture of the South Side is ignored,” says Lee Bey, the host of a new documentary.

Brochures advertising events organized by Vivian Harsh at the Hall Branch of the Chicago Public Library


The Chicago Librarian Who Created a Lauded Collection of Black History and Literature

Vivian Harsh helped make Bronzeville's library a center for African American writers and intellectuals, amassing a collection of books and manuscripts by the likes of Langston Hughes and Richard Wright.

Coyotes are on the move, looking for love. (Alan Schmierer / Flickr Creative Commons)

Science & Nature

What’s Up With All the Coyote Sightings? It’s Mating Season. No Need To Panic, But Leash Your Dog, Experts Say

Late winter is coyote mating season, which reaches its peak toward the end of February. That's leading to more sightings than usual by humans — even in downtown Chicago — as the animals are a bit bolder and on the move in their search for a soulmate.

Child eating popcorn

For parents

Make Rosie’s Cheesy Popcorn for Movie Night

This cheesy popcorn recipe is fun to make and delicious to eat! With a dairy-free option, it’s perfect for everyone to enjoy. Try making this movie night snack with your children as you work together in the kitchen.

Paris Schutz and Brandis Friedman


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